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Pre-Primary education

Pre Primary Education can be defined as “a set of knowledge along with skills and experience as well as behavioral rules which provides the essential for coping successfully in everyday life and at school.” This is acquired at a child care institution.


Importance of Pre Primary Education:

  • Pre school education is essential for your toddler because it prepares your child for kindergarten and future school which will be allowed to build a base for his future education.

  • It allows developing a child’s personality by exposing the creativity of the child in a natural way.

  • Pre primary education helps to learn that how a child can adjust with his/her peers and interact with outsiders.

  • It ensures the physical, mental and emotional growth of the child. The child develops his cognitive skills in the scientific curriculum that nurtures the child.


        The newly introduced Pre-Primary  scheme will support the efforts of State Government/ UTs in setting up Pre-Primary Classes in the School to ensure smooth transition of children from Pre primary level in Anganwari Centres to the formal schools.  The scheme will help nab the children in the age group 3+ and 4+ early and check the transition of children in private schools. There by the decreasing trend of enrolment  in government schools will be taken care off.

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