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Una district came into existence on 01-09-1972. The District till 1972 was one of the Tehsil of Hoshiarpur District of Punjab state. Consequent upon reorganization of Punjab state, hilly areas including part of Una Tehsil was transferred to Himachal Pradesh state and Una Tehsil becomes a part of Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. The Himachal Pradesh Government re-organized the Kangra District into three Districts namely Una, Hamirpur and Kangra. Besides it, Bangana tehsil of Hamirpur District was included in this district. The district on administrative grounds has been divided into two Sub-Divisions; with headquarter at Una and Amb, consisting of three tehsils and two sub-tehsils. This District also consists of five development blocks namely Una, Amb, Bangana, Gagret, Haroli and also have five assembly segments namely Una, Kultlehar, Santokhgarh, Gagret and Chintpurni. The District headquarter is situated 240 kilometers away from the State Capital. The main source of the income is agriculture.




                The total geographically area of Una District is 1540 Sq Kilo Meters (as per the report of Surveyor General of India). The District is situated at an altitude from 350 to 1200 meters above Sea Level. This District lies in the Shiwalik hill zone East side by District Bilaspur. Hamirpur and Kangra, is in North, West and south is surrounded by the State of Punjab. The total population of District Una as per 2001Census is 4,47,967 souls, out of which 2,24,299 are males and 2,23,668 females. The density of population is 291 persons per square kilometer. The rural population of the district comprises 91.19% of the total population i.e., 4.08,545 and Urban is 39,422. The literacy percentage of the District is 81.09% and the sex ratio is 997/1000.



Geology And Soil

            The area of the District is 1,54,196 hectare (as per revenue record) and 42,454 is cultivated area out of which 6,546 hectares is irrigated. The total un-cultivated area is 1,11,741 hect. of which most of the area is wasteland and covered by the river swan and other small streams (khads). The rest of land, that is 23,943 hectare is under forest. There are 866 revenue estates in District Una, The soil of District is sandy and loam in texture with scattered loamy.



     The climate of the District is mostly sub-tropical and has an annual normal rainfall of 1,000 mm. Minimum temperature during the winter season goes down up to 3.4 degree calculus and the maximum temperature during the summer exceeds even 45- degree calculus. The climate remains generally dry throughout the year but during the rainy seasons it becomes most humid.

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